Virtual consultations – Pointless? Or a stroke of genius?

With the possibility of a second wave of COVID-19 and the fact we are already seeing local lockdowns, businesses will again need to adapt to ensure their survival. An idea that has been floated for decorators is the ‘virtual consultation’ For the sake of this blog we’ll talk about how this might work for residentialContinue reading “Virtual consultations – Pointless? Or a stroke of genius?”

Are you selling? Or are you trying to persuade them to buy?

When asked for a definition of ‘sales’ or ‘selling’ people will often suggest that it is the art of persuading another person into buying something. In my opinion, this is not selling. For me, selling is not persuading someone to buy. Selling is simply an exchange of information. I have a product/service; you have aContinue reading “Are you selling? Or are you trying to persuade them to buy?”

Should you compromise on price?

A man is getting dressed for an interview and after putting on his suit his wife suggests that the brown shoes will look the best. He disagrees. He thinks the black shoes will look better. They compromise and he leaves for his interview wearing one black shoe and one brown shoe. Ridiculous right? Silly asContinue reading “Should you compromise on price?”