Stop asking other decorators to like your Facebook page

Once upon a time, if you ‘liked’ a Facebook business page then you would start to see posts from that business.

From the point of view of the business, this was brilliant.

The post could be viewed by lots of potential customers, and it didn’t cost anything.

We call this ‘organic reach’

This is no longer the case.

Essentially, even if your business page has loads of ‘likes’ Facebook won’t show your posts to many people.

Unless you pay.

This is why every time you post you’re asked if you want to ‘boost’ for a few quid.

So, if Facebook page likes don’t help you reach more people, what do they do?

Well, if you choose to run a paid ad on Facebook, you will be given choices on what sort of people you want to see your ad.

Two of those options are ‘people who like your page’ and ‘people who liked your page and their friends’

Now the title of this blog makes sense.

Because if you’ve spent all your effort getting other decorators to like your page, when you run an ad these options aren’t worth a wank to you.

Afterall, the last people you want to pay to show your ads to are other decorators and their friends!

So, if you’re looking to build up page likes, I’d suggest using your network of friends and by posting in local Facebook groups.

If you’ve already got a load of page likes from other decorators, don’t panic, you can just use the other targeting options Facebook offer.

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