How to make great videos for your decorating business

82% of Global Internet Traffic in 2022 Will Come From Video.

(Source: https://thesocialshepherd.com/blog/video-marketing-statistics#:~:text=82%25%20of%20Global%20Internet%20Traffic,or%20video%20downloads%20in%202022.)

This statistic alone means video content is now too important to ignore.

Should I have made this a video instead of a written blog? Probably. But ah well, we’re here now.

Anyway, here’s 5 quick tips on how to improve your video content.

1. Catch their attention quickly – You have barely a second to stop potential customers from scrolling past your video so make sure the start of the video grabs their attention.

I recommend you don’t put your logo at the start of videos, as by the time it gets to the good bit, everyone has scrolled past.

For short videos, just dive straight into the action, then put your logo at the end.

For longer videos, do a short catchy intro, then put your logo/title sequence, then jump into the main video. Kind of like how a James Bond film as a short action-packed scene before the opening credits with the naked shadow women.

2. Make sure the video can be understood without sound – People often watch social media videos on mute. So, add captions / subtitles if you need to.

3. Don’t put your tiktok video on other networks – If you record a video through tiktok it has a watermark on it. When Instagram or Facebook see this, they don’t like it and they hide your video from people.

Always record the video natively to each platform.

4. Careful with the music you use – If you don’t use royalty free music your video might get removed.

For loads of great royalty free music, go to Youtube and set up a creator account. Then go to your ‘studio’ and ‘Audio library’. It looks like the below. Here you can download loads of stuff and use it wherever you like. FOR FREE!

5. Include a Call To Action (CTA) – Make sure your potential customers know what to do when you post a video. This can be as simple as saying ‘Call or message now for a free quote’

PS: If you recognise the couch in the title image of this blog then you need Jesus.

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