Stop wasting your energy worrying about the ‘competition’

We’re all guilty of it.

You’re having a difficult run of it, and you start looking to the competition for excuses.

Before long, you find your competitors are doing seemingly impossible prices and you tell yourself that’s why you’re struggling.

In the forums it tends to take the following pattern:

*Posts screenshot of competitor offer*

Caption: ‘Look at this! Any size bedroom painted for £100! This is what I’m up against around here. It’s becoming impossible to make a living!’

Then loads of people will chip in saying the person making the cheap offer must be doing a shit job or not paying tax etc.

A few hours pass, and although you might feel vindicated. You’ve not actually solved your problem.

The thing is…in every market, there will always be someone offering a cheaper solution.

You can buy a mobile phone for £20.

And yet people camp out on the streets queuing up to pay £1,000 for a new iPhone.

You can buy a pair of trainers for £5, but people will happily spend £100’s if not £1,000’s on a pair of Nikes.

Do you think when Apple have a bad year of sales, they blame the fact you can buy cheaper phones?

Or when Nike have a dip, they blame Aldi for having a pair of fake trainers in the special buy aisle.

Of course they don’t

They focus on continuing to do what they do best.

Offering a high-quality product/service and targeting the right type of customer.

So, stop worrying so much about what the competition is doing.

Start focusing your energy on what you do best.

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4 thoughts on “Stop wasting your energy worrying about the ‘competition’

  1. Couldn’t agree more Jon. These ‘so called’ decorators serve a particular market, but it’s not my market. That’s the way you’ve got to see it. Just be glad you’re not in that market. It must be a complete headache, dealing with moaning about spending a tenner more. Decorating is a luxury trade, not a necessary one like plumbing or electrics.

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