How to create the perfect captions on social media – EVERY TIME!

Want to improve your social media posts and get more enquiries?

With every caption you need to create a STORY that explains WHY the customer needed you and HOW you solved their problem.

Example 1:

Image = Before and after photos of some window frames you have painted.

Standard caption = ‘Some before and after pics of an exterior we’ve just completed. Get in touch for a free quote’

Creating a story instead:

Ask yourself, why did the customer need you? What problem did they have that needed solving?

It might be that their window frames were starting to rot, and they wanted to try and avoid having to replace them.

It could be they were jealous of the neighbour’s new anthracite windows and wanted to update theirs.

Perhaps they’d just had the masonry painted and it had made their windows look a bit old and tired. So, they wanted the windows freshened up to match.

Once you’ve established WHY the customer needed it done, you need to explain HOW you carried out the work.

Then you create a caption that other potential customers can relate to.

Image = Before and after photos of some window frames you have painted.

Story caption = ‘Mrs Jones’s windows had flaking paint and signs of rot. Rather than switching to expensive uPVC windows, Mrs Jones wanted to keep the traditional timber window frames as they were much more suited to her home.

To do this, we first needed to remove all flaking paints and cut out all rotten timber.

Once we’d done this, we repaired the windows using a highly durable resin, primed and finished with 2 coats of an exterior trade paint.

Mrs Jones’ window frames are now fully restored and will last for years to come.

Do you windows need some attention? Get in touch to see if we can help you too!’

See how much more powerful the story caption is?

Writing like this puts potential customers in the shoes of someone you’ve already worked with.

They can see exactly what problem you solve, why it needs solving, how you solve it and what the end result will be. 

Example 2:

Image = Before and after pictures of a child’s bedroom

Standard caption = ‘Some before and after pics of a child’s bedroom we recently completed’

Enhanced caption = ‘After getting great results at school my customer promised her son a bedroom makeover.

They wanted to create a more grown up room for him, so he wasn’t embarrassed to have his friends over!

We started by stripping the old wallpaper and preparing all the walls.

We then with a dark blue on the walls AND the ceiling.

This made the room feel like a den perfect for playing video games in!’


It’ll take some practice, but once you get into the habit, you’ll start seeing the results. Just follow the formula and you’re well on your way.

The formula:

  1. State the problem and explain why you’re solving it
  2. Explain how you solved it
  3. Show the finished result

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