How to improve your sales funnel…yes, you’ve already got one!

What the hell is a sales funnel!? And how have I already got one!? I hear you ask.

A sales funnel is essentially a process that takes a stranger and turns them into a customer.

This is how yours might look right now:

It’s shaped like a funnel because fewer and fewer people make it to each stage of the process.


10,000 see your marketing

100 visit your website

5 contact you

1 becomes a customer

Now you see how it works, you can start to strengthen your funnel to get more customers out.

There are 2 main ways to do this.

You can put more strangers in the top of the funnel, by advertising and/or you can increase the percentage of people who make it from each stage to the next (this is known as your conversion rate).

Example of more strangers in the top by advertising:

20,000 see your marketing

200 visit your website

10 contact you

2 become customers

Often, the cheapest way to increase the amount of customers you get is not to just keep spending money on getting more and more people into your funnel. It’s to improve your conversion rates.

For example, instead of spending money to put double the amount of people into your funnel, look what happens when you double your conversion rates between each stage.

Example of doubling conversion rate:

10,000 see your marketing

200 visit your website

20 contact you

4 become customers

Now, as a painter and decorator, you might be looking at this funnel thinking that your conversion rates are very good for the bottom half of the funnel.

You might get most jobs you quote for, and you might even get a decent conversion rate of website visitors to enquiries.

It is usually the top half of the funnel where people fall down.

So, how can you strengthen this area as a decorator?

Let’s have a look at the decorator’s sales funnel 2.0

In this example we’ve increased the amount of marketing activity, which means more strangers will see it organically.

We’ve then increased the amount of contact points there are for the company. By having a website, Facebook page and other listings it is not only more likely someone can find you, but it also legitimises your business.

All of this then means that more people will contact you. And in a variety of ways!

The final benefit is that by strengthening your sales funnel you will improve the results you get if you decide to start advertising (Paying to increase the amount of strangers who see your marketing).

If you’ve ever spent money on advertising and got poor results, one factor for this could have been the top half of your funnel being weak.

For example, you could run an advert on prime time TV, but if people struggle to find you on Google and your website is a mess then you won’t get many enquiries.

However, if your marketing is strong and your website is great, then you could see brilliant results from something as small as a £10 Facebook ad.

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