When is the best time to post on social media? How to get maximum engagement!

Before I reveal the data, I need to warn you that this information will help, but it is not a silver bullet.

Don’t expect that by posting at a certain time on a certain day and on a certain platform, you will start getting loads of engagement and business via social media.

I’m afraid that’s just not how it works.

Think of it like adverts on the TV.

If you want to get the most people to see your advert, you’d run it at halftime during the world cup final, or Superbowl.

However, if you were selling children’s toys then you’d be wasting your money putting your advert out at that time.

You’d be much better running your ad at 7am Saturday morning on a cartoon channel.

You need to understand your audience and work out when they are most receptive.

To find out when your audience is most receptive you need to run tests. You need to post content on social media at different times on different days until you can see a pattern of what works best.

You can shortcut this process slightly by understanding the day-to-day life of your target audience.

For example, my content is aimed at decorators, and by talking to decorators on a regular basis and by testing different times for posts I have found the following times to be successful:

Tuesday – Friday

6am – 7am (Decorators seem to be early risers!)

10am (10 o’clock tea break)

7pm – 9pm (After dinner and evening quoting)

Sunday 7pm – 9pm

Once you understand your audience like this then you can use data like the following to help you really nail the perfect timings.

These heat maps have been created by Sprout social and give a great visual representation of engagement on each social media platform.

Check them out. I hope they help!





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