Why decorators are all fighting for just 3% of the potential market

Did you know, that at any given time, only around 3% of your potential market is ready to get some decorating done.

And yet, nearly all advertising and marketing is geared towards this tiny proportion of people.

Adverts saying things like ‘get a free quote now’ or ‘book today’ are only appealing to people ready to make a decision now.

So, how can you unlock the other 97% of your potential market? The people who aren’t ready to get some decorating done right now, but they will be in the future.

The first thing we need to do is understand the problem your market is trying to solve.

In this case:

The problem = Need some painting and decorating work done

However, there are 4 stages a potential customer goes through when they have this problem.

Stage 1: Unaware of the problem. On average 60% of your potential market is unaware they have a problem that needs solving.

Stage 2: Aware of the problem, but not actively looking for solutions. This section of people accounts for around 20% of your market.

Stage 3: Consideration. This section of the market are aware of the problem and are actively considering different solutions to the problem. These people make up around 17% of your market.

Stage 4: Decision. The final 3% of the market are the people who know what they want to do and are actively making decisions on getting some decorating work done.

Now we’ve broken down the market and you can see the buyer’s journey; it is clear to see how the vast majority of marketing only appeals to the final 3%.

So, the next logical question, is how to appeal to the rest of the market.

The solution in my opinion is ‘content marketing’.

This is creating content that is valuable to the other sections of the market.

Content that educates the market and moves them from one stage to the next.


Stage 1: To move someone from stage 1 to stage 2 you need make them aware of the problem. An example of this would be to write an article or post a video educating people on how to identify when you need to re-paint your exterior. I recently wrote an article on this topic that you can have: https://jmears.co.uk/2021/02/05/7-signs/

Stage 2: To get someone from stage 2 to stage 3 you need to show people why they need to start looking for solutions. You need to inject some urgency into the matter.

As an example, let’s say you specialise in painting kitchens. You could talk about how painting your kitchen will make you proud to host your family for Christmas. Or how it can make your home much easier to sell.

Stage 3: The final step is moving them from stage 3 to 4. At this point your potential customer is considering all potential options. So, your job is to use blogs, videos and social media to educate them in to knowing that hiring a painter and decorator is the best solution.

Think about what they might be searching online. It is likely things like ‘how to save money painting and decorating’

You could attract people like this with an article telling them how to save money when hiring a painter and decorator. Again, feel free to copy this one that I wrote: https://jmears.co.uk/2021/01/08/savemoney/

By adding this sort of content to your marketing plan you are now attracting 100% of the potential market towards your business.

And the best bit?

The customers who move through the stages by consuming your content are primed to be perfect clients. After all, they were educated by you!

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