Social media is good…but this is 20x better!

Did you know there is a marketing tool that has been proven to be 20x more powerful than social media?

It’s not TV or radio or anything like that.

It is something very simple.


When it comes to doing business, an email list will often outperform a social media following 20x the size.

1,000 email subscribers = better than 20,000 Instagram followers

Why isn’t everyone using email marketing for their business?

Well, I think it is down to a couple of common misconceptions about email marketing.

People think that using email for business is just spamming emails to strangers.

That is NOT email marketing!

Real email marketing is only contacting people who have explicitly said they want to hear from you, by subscribing to your email list.

The second misconception is that ‘email is dead’

Well, I can tell you the numbers tell a very different story.

Email is huge…and still growing

There are nearly 4bn email users. More than any social media network.

How much money can you make from email marketing?

A recent study by the DMA found that, on average, for every $1 you spend on email marketing, you can expect an average return of $42.

This is insane.

For context, a Forbes study showed that for every $1 you spend on social media marketing, you can expect an average of just under $2 in return.

How can you incorporate email marketing into your painting and decorating business?

Starting off is as simple as collecting the email addresses of your existing customers and using them to keep in regular contact.

Doing this alone will greatly increase your chances of more regular repeat business.

The second thing to do is to sign up for an email service provider such as ‘Mailchimp’.

This is free to do.

Once you’ve done this, you can put a sign-up box on your website so people can join your email list.

However, people won’t just give you their email address. You need to give them a reason to sign up. You need to offer something valuable.

The simplest thing to do would be to write a monthly newsletter. It doesn’t need to be massive. Just a short email is fine.

You could include some design tips, colour inspiration and any offers you might have going on. 

This sort of thing would be valuable to your potential customers and would get you on your way to having a good list of subscribers.

For more info on how to start email marketing, check out this blog I wrote: https://jmears.co.uk/2020/11/02/3-simple-steps-to-start-email-marketing-as-a-decoratorfor-free/

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