The more hands you shake, the more money you make

How to grow your business with networking…without going to boring meetings!

The term ‘networking’ strikes fear into the eyes of most people.

When people think about ‘networking’ they think about those wanky business breakfast meetings in a cheap hotel just off the dual carriage way.

For lots of people, these networking meetings are very successful.

But there is a better way.

And it is very simple.

Whenever you need to buy something, whether it’s a product or service, ask yourself the following question:

Do you know anyone personally who you can buy this from?’

Need a cake? Do you have a friend who runs a local bakery or Facebook business?

Want a photographer to take some pro shots of a job? Do you have a friend who can help? Or perhaps a friend’s daughter who is doing a photography course at college?

If you don’t know anyone directly…ask yourself if there is a local business, you can support.

If you want a coffee, don’t go to Costa, go to the independent one around the corner.

Van needs to be sign written? Find someone local.

Need some business cards? Don’t go to Vistaprint. Find a local company.

Yes, you’ll almost certainly be paying a bit more each time…

…but when Costa needs decorating, you’re unlikely to get a call just because you get your coffee from there.

But when local Linda’s coffee shop needs decorating guess who she’s going to think of?

And guess who she’ll recommend to her friends, family, and other customers?

Yes! You! That lovely decorator who pops in twice a week.

Support your friends and local businesses and they will reciprocate.

And even if they don’t reciprocate, it always feels great to help a friend or a small local business.

What do you think? Do you already do this? Let me know

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