How to get marketing sh*t done when you’re too busy working

Wanky acronym alert….S.M.A.R.T goals.

Usually, I don’t like acronyms in business, because the person who creates them usually puts more effort into making it sound cool than making it useful.

However, I’ll make an exception for SMART goals.

SMART stands for:

Specific. Measurable. Achievable. Relevant. Time

Let’s run an example marketing goal through the SMART process so you can see how it works.

Your initial goal might be:

‘Get more enquiries’


‘Get more enquiries’ is a common goal for most people. However, it’s waaay too vague. So, with the best will in the world, you’ll likely do nothing about it.

Step 1 then, is to make it more specific.

What specific area do you want to focus on? You may say ‘Social media’

More specific again, think about the social media platform that currently works best for you.

Let’s say that’s Instagram.

Your goal is now: ‘Get more enquiries from Instagram’


This sounds simple right? You record how many how many enquiries you get?

Well, yes…but that doesn’t help much.

You need to think about breaking the goal down into activities that you can measure.

Think about what you need to do to increase enquiries from Instagram

You might decide that the 2 key areas are:

  1. Number of followers
  2. Posts per week

Now you record the numbers as they are.

It could be you currently have 500 followers and you post once a week.

You decide your new target is to get 1,000 followers and post 3 times a week.

How will you do this?

You’ll set aside 15 minutes a day to go on Instagram and find and follow 100 new people because when you do this, people tend to follow you back.

And you’ll set aside 1 hour a week to sit down and create 3 posts.

By doing this consistently, you believe you’ll reach your goal.

Your goal is now: ‘Post 3 times a week on Instagram and increase my followers to 1,000’


Now you have specific actions that you can measure, you can decide if your goal is achievable.

Can you spend 15 minutes a day on Instagram finding new people to follow? And can you find 1 hour a week to create 3 posts?

If yes, then move on. If no, then look again at the activity you’re going to measure and change it.


Is your goal relevant to your business as a whole?

Do you need more enquiries from Instagram? Or are you better off focusing on something else?


The final component is to set a time frame. If you don’t, you’ll end up putting it off.

When do you want to get these 1,000 followers by? And how soon are you going to start posting 3 times per week?

Give yourself a realistic time frame and an ambitious time frame.

Your ambitious target for getting up to 1,000 followers could be 1 month and the standard target is 3 months.

Now your goal looks like this: ‘Post 3 times a week on Instagram and increase my followers to 1,000 in 1 month’

This is a SMART goal.

You now know exactly what you want, how you’re going to do it and how it’ll benefit your business.

This is a goal you’ll stick to and achieve.

Not some wishy-washy goal you never have time for like…’Get more enquiries’

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