Get more work from social media – 95% of people won’t use this simple tactic

If you don’t know who Gary Vaynerchuk is then my first recommendation is to check him out.

The content he puts out on social media is inspiring businesses across the world.

My second recommendation is to use a social media tactic he calls the $1.80 marketing plan.

The premise is simple.

Add your 2 cents (a thoughtful comment/opinion) to 90 social media posts a day.

2¢ x 90 posts = $1.80.

That’s it. Simply comment on 90 posts a day as you scroll through your feed.

The key of course, is consistency.

You need to try and do it every day…and for a long time. I’m talking months and years…not days or weeks.

So how does this get you more business?

For me, it’s all about ‘brand’.

Your brand is everything you put out to the world.

It’s your reputation, your personality and your trustworthiness all rolled into one.

As a painter and decorator, having a strong brand will do wonders for your business. 

Think about the impact the $1.80 marketing plan could have on your brand.

Every day people would be seeing your name and your company name popping up on their feeds.

They’ll be seeing how thoughtful and helpful you are on a consistent basis.

People will feel like they are getting to know you as each of your comments reveals a little bit more of your personality and values.

This connection, paired with the consistency of your posts (over months and years) will build trust with potential clients.

Trust that is essential for any trades person to have. After all, being invited to work in someone’s home is quite a big deal. People’s homes are a very personal space.

So, can you do it?

90 comments a day sounds like a lot. But it is doable.

And to save you the maths. 90 posts a day is 32,850 comments a year.

The impact that sort of exposure would have on your business is huge.

If you want to try it, then I recommend building up to it.

Start by setting yourself a 15-minute window each day to perform this task.

See how many you can do in 15 minutes. You may be surprised.

Also, change your mindset when you are aimlessly scrolling through social media. Instead of just hitting the ‘like’ button. Try leaving more comments.

Soon enough, you’ll find you are well on your way to 90 comments a day and getting more enquiries from social media.

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