100 NEW Instagram followers – 48 hour challenge

Want to boost your social media presence in just 48 hours?

Here’s a technique I use from time to time to gain loads of new followers for FREE!

…and not just random followers either! I’m talking followers that are right for your business.

Step 1: Record how many followers you currently have on Instagram

Step 2: Use the search function on Instagram to find local businesses that have at least 1,000 followers. This could be independent coffee shops, wine bars, other tradesmen, restaurants, local estate agents, anything really.

Step 3: Go to their profile and click on their followers. Now follow 200 people from their follower list. (This should take you about 3-5 minutes)

Step 4: Wait 24 hours and follow another 200 people

Step 5: Wait 24 hours and follow another 200 people

You will find that about 1 in 6 people follow you back, so after following 600 people you should get at least 100 new followers.

Don’t be tempted to follow 2,000 people on your first go. Instagram don’t like it and they won’t let you do it.

200 every 24 hours is about the sweet spot. You may find you can do a few more if you like.

Consistency is the crucial part. If you were to keep following this process for weeks and months you could have thousands of new followers in your area.

Good luck with the challenge. Don’t forget to comment with how many new followers you got!

PS: if you’re reading this because you have a new business check out this great article from the Decorators Forum on Starting a painting and decorating business

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