5 quick tips to improve your website TODAY! + £50 DISCOUNT CODE!

In the modern world, websites have never been so important.

It is said that having an out of date website is almost as bad as having no website at all!

And with 97% of people starting their search for local businesses online, you better make sure your website is ready for visitors! (https://www.bluecorona.com/blog/do-i-need-a-website/)

Here are some quick tips you can

  1. Add some fresh images to your gallery – Are you guilty of not keeping your website up to date with your latest work?
  2. Hyperlink your phone number – If you write your phone number on your website in the following format it will hyperlink, meaning people can click it on their phone and ring you with one touch. Making it as easy as possible for the customer to contact you can increase enquiries massively. Format: TEL:07123456789
  3. Embed a social media feed – If you struggle to update your website regularly then try embedding your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter feed on your website. It takes 5 minutes and will show all new visitors to your site that you are still active and trading. There are loads of YouTube tutorials on how to install it if you’re not very tech savvy. If you want to see what it looks like, I have my Twitter feed embedded at the bottom of the page.
  4. Write a case study – Case studies are a great way to show off your services. Plus, they are great for your SEO. Pick a recent project and do a short write up covering the 5 classic questions you covered in school: Who you did it for, what you did, where you did it, when you did it, and why they chose you to do it. Add in the before, during and after photos, plus a nice quote from the customer and you’re sorted.
  5. Simplify your message – Nearly every website on the internet contains too much ‘waffle’ on the home page. A good rule of thumb is to try and halve the amount of text on your homepage. And in some cases, you could halve it again! If your homepage contains paragraphs upon paragraphs about how long you’ve been decorating and how you started as an apprentice for your Grandad’s mate’s sister’s auntie, then you need to cut it down. People only skim read the home page so you need to keep it simple, concise and about what you can do for the customer. They are not interested in you; they are only interested in what you can do for them.

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