12 FREE apps every decorator needs in their marketing tool kit


Pixabay has almost 2 million royalty free images and videos. This is perfect for any imagery you need for your website or social media. The images are high resolution, and the site is easy to navigate.


Canva is an amazing tool for your marketing. I use it on an almost a daily basis. There is a paid version, but I find the free version to be more than satisfactory.

Canva has thousands of templates and images you can use to create social media posts, infographics, logos, business cards, leaflets and more.

Facebook Pixel

Ok…so the Facebook Pixel is less of an app and more a piece of code. However, if you want to take your Facebook ads to the next level you need to install the Facebook pixel on your website. Search ‘Install Facebook Pixel’ on Google to go through the step by step set up and let the pixel start collecting data from your website.

You can then use this data to re-target people who have visited your website with Facebook ads.

Facebook ads manager

If you run Facebook ads, or if you ever plan to, then you need the Facebook ads manager app.

You can create adverts right from your smart phone and track the results in real time. You can even pause adverts at the click of a button. Perfect for when you can’t get to your laptop.

I do 90% of my Facebook ad work from the app.


Keeping in contact with your customers is essential for any business. One of the best ways to do this is to use an email service provider such as MailChimp.

MailChimp will keep your list of customer email addresses secure and inline with GDPR regulations.

You can use MailChimps free templates (or your own designs) and send emails to your whole list of contacts at the click of button, and it will still show as coming from your normal email address.

Recipients can even respond to the email in the usual way.  

The app will then give you some really useful data, such as how many people opened the email, how many unsubscribed and how many clicked on a link within the email.

You can even use the app to re-send the email to anyone who didn’t open it the first time.

MailChimp also helps you add a ‘sign up’ / ‘opt-in’ form to your website so people can join your mailing list.

Plus, you can set up automated ‘Welcome’ emails!

Sign up for a free account on your desktop / laptop and then download the accompanying app. It is a free service for up to 2,000 subscribers.  

Google My Business

Google my Business is like your virtual shop front. Use the app to add images to your profile and make it easier for customers to find you.

Google Ads

The Google ads app makes it super easy to create and manage your Google ads. The app gives you a step by step process to set them up and just like the Facebook ads app, you can see loads of useful data in real time. You can even pause your ad right from your smart phone if you want to.

Google analytics

Google analytics can give you an insane amount of information about the people who visit your website.

Who’s visiting your website, what pages they are looking at, how long they spend there, where they are from, how they found you…etc.

Use this to make your website even better and turn all that traffic into enquiries.  


Snapseed is a free photo editing tool. It is more powerful than the ones that come standard on your phone and there are endless YouTube tutorials teaching you how to do some really cool stuff with it.

As a painter and decorator, your marketing is very visual. So, making sure your photos are perfect can make a big difference to your bottom line.


Need somewhere to store all of those beautiful before and after photos?

Dropbox is the place.

Dropbox is an online storage app that you can access from your phone, laptop and tablet. It’s perfect for making sure all your images are backed up.

A basic account is free and will cover the needs of most people. If you need more storage then you can upgrade to a paid account. The pricing is very reasonable.

Dulux Visualizer

Whether or not you like Dulux’s paint, you can’t argue with the Visualizer app. It’s absolutely brilliant and well worth having on your phone or tablet, just in case you get into a conversation with a homeowner about colour.


If you’re not on WhatsApp already then what the hell are you doing? Some customers will love to send you messages via WhatsApp as it is a quick and free way to send videos and photos.


I have a WhatsApp group I’d love you to join.

It’s full of like-minded decorators looking to grow their reach on social media.

How it works:

Each day you can put one link to your social media post in the WhatsApp group and everyone else in the group will like, share or comment on it.

This tells the algorithm it is a great post and so it gets boosted out to more people, for FREE!

Full details on how it works and how to join here: https://jmears.co.uk/2020/06/29/social-media-pod/

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