Are all Facebook leads sh*t?

Spend any length of time in a decorating forum and soon enough someone will ask if Facebook can be a good source of customers.

You will then inevitably get several people popping up saying that all the leads they get from Facebook are sh*t.

You’ll also get other people saying they get loads of great work from Facebook.

So, who is right?

Well, they both are.

I know people who have had people asking them to paint a room for £40 and I know companies who get all their leads from Facebook and have an average order value of £5,000.

Whenever you advertise you are likely to get a mix of good and bad leads. It’s just part of it.

However, there are things you can do to minimise the bad leads and maximise the good ones!

Here are my tips on how to advertise your business on Facebook:

1. To attract high end work, you need to show high end work – Make sure you use good quality images and videos of the sort of work you want to attract.

If you only want people who own £1m homes to contact you, then post images of mansions. Not 2 bed flats.

If you only want big, high end jobs, then don’t put ‘No job too small’ on your adverts.

Think about the car adverts you see on TV. They never show you the basic model, do they? It’s always the super duper version with every add on imaginable. You need to do something similar.

2. Check your grammar – Often it is the simplest things that make the biggest difference. Please, proofread and make sure your posts have good spelling and grammar. If this is not your strong suit, then ask a friend or family member to help.

Companies that do high end work, don’t make basic mistakes on spelling and grammar. So, make sure you don’t either.

3. Don’t expect good results for free – Attracting good quality customers costs money. If it didn’t then there would be no such thing as a ‘marketing budget’.

Sure, you might well get customers come directly to you on Facebook, and you might get some success posting in local groups, but those sorts of people are more than likely approaching you because they think you’ll do them a cheap deal.

Believe it or not, most people don’t log on to Facebook everyday to try and find a decorator.

To find good quality customers, you need to pay to put your advert in front of them. Facebook make their money from charging companies to advertise.

They know who clicks on ads. They know who spends money on things. They know everything!

Don’t kid yourself into thinking that they’ll let the best customers see your adverts for free.

Which leads me neatly on to my next tip.

4. Target the right people – Facebook gives you great targeting options when you pay for ads.

Warning! Don’t be lazy and just hit the ‘Boost post’ option. This is not the best way to do it.

Create your ad through the ads section on your Facebook business page and target your customers properly.

Think about your perfect customer and set the options accordingly. Make it as narrow as possible.

Your 3 main options are:

Age – Yes, you might have done the odd bit of work for couples in their thirties. But if the majority of your high end work comes from people aged 55-65 then set the age range accordingly.

Location – It is very tempting to set large areas to target. Don’t do this. Be specific. If there is a village near you where every house is practically a mansion, then target just this village.

Don’t be afraid to run multiple ads targeting multiple areas.

Don’t waste your money by targeting a huge area where half the homes are rentals or low value.

Gender – If you have a mix of clients then choose men and women. But if you find that it tends to be women who start the buying process when it comes to hiring you then select just women.

It’s not sexist. It’s just good business. Don’t waste money showing your adverts to men, if women are far more likely to click on your ad.

5. Make sure you have a high end and professional image right across your social media – If your profile pic is you necking a pint in Wetherspoons then people aren’t going to expect you are expensive.

Take half an hour to go through your social media before you launch an ad.

Look at it from the perspective of a potential customer. If there is anything on there that would give the wrong impression, then delete it.

6. Test multiple headlines and images – I can’t stress the importance of this enough. You must continue to tweak your adverts based on the results they bring in.

Simply changing the headline or image can increase sales by 1,000%+ and completely change the type of customer you attract.

You’ll never get an ad right first time.

Typically, I will tweak my adverts every few days for the first couple of weeks. It is not uncommon for me to make 10-20 changes to optimise my ads. It makes a huge difference and you NEED to be do

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