5 FREE ways to grow your social media – FAST!

Most people agree that social media can be an absolute goldmine for businesses.

However, if nobody sees your posts, then it doesn’t matter how amazing your content and offers are, nobody will buy from you.

Growing your audience is more important now than ever before.

It used to be that if you had 100 followers and you posted on social media; all your followers would see your post in their feed.

This is no longer the case.

For example, when you post on Instagram, only about 10% of your followers will see it on their feed.

Then, depending on whether that initial batch of people like, share, save or comment on the post determines whether Instagram will add it to more people’s feeds.

Facebook and Twitter are much the same.

So, if you have 100 followers, your posts are probably only being seen by 10-15 people.

This means that growing a large audience on social media is now a must for any business.

Here are my 5 tips on how to do just that:

1. Get following people – The easiest way I’ve found to get new followers is simply by following them first. For some reason people don’t like making the first move on social media, to that I say – Get over it!

Some people see it as a badge of honour to have more people follow them, than they are following. Honestly…nobody cares.

If you’re serious about using social media to grow your business, then it doesn’t matter if you follow 10,000 people to get 2,000 to follow you back.

This is far more useful than having 110 followers and your own weird sense of pride that you only follow 100 people.

And don’t worry about all those people you follow clogging up your feed. As I said earlier, you’ll only see about 10% of their posts. And all the people you engage with regularly will be at the top of your feed every day.

Set aside 15 minutes a day to scroll through your ‘suggested contacts’ list and find 20 good quality contacts to add.  People who match the profile of your typical customer. Do this every day and you can expect to increase your followers by 100-200 people a month.

2. Focus on ‘shareable content’ – When you are trying to grow your audience it is best to post content that people will want to share with their friends. It gives you a much bigger reach and makes you far more likely to go ‘viral’

Think about the sort of content you share. It’s usually funny, entertaining or informative posts.

Before you post anything on social media, ask yourself if the person seeing this will find it funny, entertaining or informative enough to want to share it with their friends. If the answer is yes, then post it. If the answer is no, then think twice.

It’s ok to put the odd picture of your fancy restaurant meal on social media, but it’s hardly the sort of thing people will be desperate to share with their followers!

3. Leave lots of comments – Thinking of regular content to post is hard. So, when you’re not feeling so creative take some time to scroll through your feed and engage with other people.

Pay special attention to the people you follow, who don’t follow you back yet.

If they see you put a thoughtful and pleasant comment on their post, they are likely to follow you back and start engaging with you on a more regular basis.

4. Run competitions – One of the fastest ways to boost your follower count is a competition.

It doesn’t need to be anything massive. People just love a freebie. Think about what you could offer and make it a prize.

Run the competition for 7 days and make sure people must follow you, share your post or even tag their friends to enter.

This will give you a huge reach and a big influx of new followers. Most of whom will never unfollow you!

NB: Don’t ask people to do too much. Up to 3 requests is fine. Such as like, follow and share. Or follow these 2 accounts and like. Or like and tag 2 friends.

I recently saw a post where they asked you to follow 12 accounts, tag 2 friends, like and share. At that point nobody is going to enter. It’s just too much work.

Keep it as simple as possible to get the best response.

5. Join a social media POD – Remember I said that when you post something only about 10% of your followers see it? And that for it to go out to more people you need to get engagement from that initial 10% of people?

Well, a social media POD tricks the algorithm so that you increase your reach.

A POD is a WhatsApp group full of like-minded people who want to grow their social media reach.

How it works: Whenever you put a post on social media that you want to boost out to more people, you share a link for it in the WhatsApp group.

Everyone in that group then quickly clicks on the link, likes it, shares it or comments on it.

The algorithm then thinks ‘hey, this must be a really good post. Let’s show it to loads more people’

The group works because you engage with everyone else’s posts, and in return they engage with your posts.

You can create your own POD or join someone else’s.

I have my own which you are more than welcome to join here: https://chat.whatsapp.com/CAkkyRDt9Gf2kFl3BX3U0V

Typically, you will expect to increase your reach by up to 300% using my group. Sometimes much more!

Rules for my POD are simple:

Each person can only put a link to boost 1 post per day

You can join / leave at any time.

It is not a group for chatting. Only send links.

Don’t be selfish. Like/comment on other peoples posts, don’t just expect people to like yours and then not reciprocate.

No putting negative comments on posts. (As mother always says, if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all)

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