Testimonials: How to get them and how to use them

One of the most powerful tools in sales and marketing is the ‘customer testimonial’

When a potential customer sees that someone like them had a good experience, it cements the idea that choosing you is a good decision.

As a painter and decorator, ‘Testimonials’ or ‘customer reviews’ are something you probably get a fair amount of.

But are you getting as many as you could?  And are you using them in the best ways?

To start, let’s run through how you can get more customers to give you a testimonial

1. Ask. Yes, the most obvious solution is often the most overlooked. Do you ask every single customer to give you a testimonial? Be honest! Probably not.

So, job number one is to make it part of your process to ask every customer for a testimonial.

Try calling them 1 week after finishing the job to check they are happy with everything. If they are, then send them a link to leave you a review.

2. Make it easy. Some customers would happily give you a testimonial if you made it a bit easier.

Make sure you have loads of ways they can give you a testimonial. Tell them they can email you. Set up a Trustpilot account. Make a Facebook business page. Allof which are free. It’ll take you less than 15 minutes to set these up.

3. Incentivise them. You don’t have to incentivise people to leave you a review, but it will often help.

Especially if after reading this you decide to contact all your old customers and ask for one.

Something simple is all it takes, a bottle of wine, £10 Amazon voucher or box of chocolates is enough. Email your customers saying you are looking to get some reviews/testimonials for your business. And anyone who leaves a review in the next month will be entered into a prize draw.

Next, let’s talk about how to use testimonials to get more business.


  • Add them to the bottom of each page on your website (in the footer)
  • Have a specific page on your website called ‘Customer reviews’ / ‘Customer feedback’ / ‘Testimonials’ etc. And put this page in the main menu at the top of your home page.
  • Put them on your Facebook business page
  • Use them in your proposals / quotes (You can download my FREE 10 page proposal template at the end of this blog)
  • Include them in case studies
  • Use them in email marketing campaigns
  • Put them in your print advertising, such as leaflets, brochures and newspaper ads


  • Don’t splash them all over your social media feed. Yes, I only have one rule for how not to use testimonials.

However, social media is often the place where most people use them.

I know, I know, you’re very proud of the good customer feedback you’ve just received, and you immediately want to show everyone. But there are very few times when putting it on your social media feed will do your business any good.

Most people will scroll past it because it is of no value to them.

If you do it too often it comes across as bragging.

And the people you want to see it (customers deciding whether to hire you) are highly unlikely to have it pop up on their feed. Remember, the typical social media post has a lifespan of less than 24 hours. After that it disappears from feeds/timelines and is rarely seen again.

Bonus tip: For even better results, try to get a photo of your customer to go with the testimonial.

A simple headshot is fine. Ask them if they can send you one of their social media profile pictures or something. Not everyone will agree to this, but some will, and it will make your testimonials far more powerful.

I hope these tips help you. Testimonials really can be a great way of getting good quality business. And for the most part it free of charge. So why not add them to your marketing strategy today?

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