How to get more customers in 4 minutes and 36 seconds without spending a penny

If you are reading this blog, then I have just illustrated my point.

To get more customers for your business, you must be skilled at getting their attention.

To get the attention of potential customers, you must be good at writing headlines.

This blog should take you about 4 minutes and 36 seconds to read, and by the end of it, you should know enough about writing good quality headlines to improve your business.

‘’But I don’t write headlines’’… I hear you say.

Yes, you do.

Every leaflet you’ve ever designed, every email you’ve ever sent and every social media post you’ve ever created had a headline.

If it didn’t, then that’s probably why it didn’t get much attention.

The plain truth of it is…..If you have a business, then at some point you will need to advertise.

And if your headline sucks, then it doesn’t matter how amazing your offer is, nobody is going to read it.

So, it all goes to waste.

So, now we have established that better headlines = more customers. How do we get better at writing them?

The first thing you need to do is actually spend some time thinking about it!

If I spend an hour writing a blog. I’ll spend another 30 minutes working on the headline.

That’s a good rule to start you off.

However long it takes you to write the email, social media post, leaflet, sales letter etc. Spend half that time again on the headline.

It is THAT important!

This tip alone will put you ahead of 95% of other businesses.

Next tip.

Keep it short(ish)

Headlines shouldn’t be too long. Under 16 words is good. Under 12 is better. 9 is often said to be the sweet spot.

My headline for this blog is 15 words, so if you’re reading this sentence, then it proves you can get away with slightly longer headlines!

Write like you talk

Often when people start writing they go back to school. They start using long and complicated words and they use proper grammar. They write like they are talking to the Queen.

Don’t bother.

Make it chatty. Don’t try too hard. Simple writing is simple to read.

The idea is not to show off how clever you are. It is just to get the attention of someone.

Write like you are speaking to ONE person

You’re not addressing the nation. Or giving a speech to hundreds of people. Just imagine you are speaking directly to your dream customer. That ‘one on one’ style of writing is super powerful.

Don’t put a full stop at the end of the headline

You want people to naturally flow on to the next line. If you don’t believe this is a good tip. Try and find a headline in a newspaper that has a full stop.

3 types of headline to get you started

Yeah, there are hundreds of templates you could use…but these 3 a great start.

Plus, I only have 4 minutes and 36 seconds of your attention!

Headline 1

‘5 secrets decorators don’t want you to know’

This is a classic style of headline. You can use any number. 21 tips…15 tricks….9 hacks.

Basically, it is just teasing some information your target customer might want to know.

Pro tip: For some reason, odd numbers perform better than even. So always make it 5,7,9 etc

Headline 2

‘How to get more customers in 4 minutes and 36 seconds without spending a penny’

Yep, the style of headline I used for this blog.

The template is: How to – time frame – deal with objection

How to_____ in ___ days without___

How to decorate your home like a pro in 3 days without spending a fortune

Pro tip: Being weirdly specific helps. E.G. 4 minutes and 36 seconds.

Headline 3

Story headlines that capture emotion

These are tougher to write but can be insanely powerful. The most famous example is:

‘They laughed when I sat down at the piano…but when I started to play’

I don’t really need to explain why this headline is probably the most famous ever to be written.

It makes you feel the emotion of people laughing at you, then the emotion of proving them wrong…or not? There is also an element of intrigue.

Anyone who reads a headline like this and is not interested in reading the next few lines must be mental.

Just so you know, the man in the headline played beautifully and the advert was selling music lessons.

A common theme for all these headlines?

They arouse people’s curiosity.

And that’s it! Now get out there and start pulling in more customers. Good luck.

PS: I went through 5 headlines before I settled on the one at the top of this blog!

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