How a waitress builds customer confidence

Quick tip today:

Have you ever ordered a meal with a waiter / waitress and they didn’t write it as you told them? Or they didn’t repeat it back to you?

They just tried to memorise it and walked off!

I you have, you’ll know it’s terrifying.

You’ll spend the whole time convinced that they didn’t listen properly, they didn’t understand or that they’ll forget you wanted your steak medium rare and that when your order arrives it’ll be completely wrong.

The thing is…99 out of 100 waiters / waitresses could easily remember your order and relay it to the kitchen staff without making a mistake.

The reason they write it down and repeat it back to you is not just to reduce mistakes (although that is a key factor) but also so that you know they have understood your request properly and to build your confidence in their service.

You should ensure you always do this with your customers wherever possible.

Whenever they make a decision, raise an objection or give you a request, note it down and summarise it back to them.

It will show them you care about delivering the service exactly as they want and build their trust and confidence in you.

Plus, you get the added bonus that if they change their mind and tell you ‘that’s not what I asked for!’

You can turn around and show them your notes and remind them that you read it back to them to make 100% sure you understood it correctly.

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