14 simple web design tips to get more enquiries

  1. Have a clear opening statement at the top of your homepage. Saying what you do and why you do it. Can I tell what your company does in under 10 seconds on desktop and mobile? Or even better, at a glance?
  2. Call to action buttons. If you want to increase your conversion rate, you must make it as easy as possible for the customer. This means there should be a call to action on every page. Add a button that says something like ‘Arrange a quote’ to the header and footer of every page.
  3. Add reviews and testimonials. Potential customers love social proof. Big 5-star reviews at the bottom of each page will give people more confidence in you. Why not sign up to Trustpilot and add a constant feed of your reviews to your site? It’s free! Also look to add more in-depth testimonials on a separate page. Ask your customers to write a paragraph or so about the work you completed. If you need to incentivise them, offer 5% off their next quote. Or a bottle of wine. Whatever! Just get something on your site.
  4. Keep it up to date! 90% of people are guilty of setting up a website and then hardly touching it. You need to put regular content on there. If this is difficult then I suggest adding your twitter feed to the website. Then every time you post something on twitter your website will have fresh content. (I have this at the bottom of my website if you want to see what I mean)
  5. Case studies. Take the time to write up some case studies for a range of work you have done. Talk about the processes, how you worked with the customer and show the results. People are more likely to deal with you if they can get an idea of how you operate, and they can see what you’ve done for people similar to them.
  6. Team page with images of you and any employees. This is crucial, the chances of someone contacting you goes up exponentially when they know what you look like. Get some professional photos on your site so people can see who they are dealing with. This means, a neutral background and a genuine smile.
  7. Easy to find contact info. Your contact information should be easy to find. Put it at the top and bottom of each page if you can. Get a friend to go on your website and ask them to see how quickly and easy they can find your info.
  8. Make sure your home page allows the customer to scroll. Is your home page more like a ‘landing page’ that looks like it was hastily put together in 5 minutes? So many are like this. If your home page is a single screen that doesn’t allow people to scroll down, I’m sorry to say it looks cheap and untrustworthy. Get some more content on there. We’ve all seen them. And we’ve all thought they look rubbish.
  9. Have an FAQ section. Give as much info about you and the way your company works as possible. Give details about the quotation process, pricing, what happens when they book you. Answer as many questions about working with you as possible before the customer calls you. This not only makes the customer more comfortable, but it’ll save you time answering the same basic questions over and over.
  10. Get someone to check all the spelling and grammar! This is basic, but often overlooked.
  11. Test every update you make on both desktop and mobile. It must be friendly on both.
  12. Ensure you have a ‘Gallery’ section and you add to it regularly. You should aim to add to your gallery at least once a month. Remember, if your decorating work inspires a customer on colour choice etc they are more likely to give you a call!
  13. Make sure links to all your social media is on your website, and on the flip side, make sure your bio on all social media profiles has a link to your website.
  14. Include video wherever you can. Especially a ‘welcome’ video on the home page. People are lazy and have short attention spans. You need to realise they would rather skip to the bottom of your page and watch a ‘welcome’ video than read three sentences. This is also a good place to show customers who you are. 5 seconds of video with you and your team in shot can go a long way.

One more thing to bear in mind. Everything you do on your website should be geared towards the following statement:

Sell the problem you solve, not the product.

Give people value and you will be rewarded.

Hope these tips help. Let me know if you have any of your own and share them in the comments so we can all grow together.

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