Make an extra £1,000 per year as a decorator!

‘Would you like fries with that?’

‘Is that a large?’

‘Is there anything else I can get you?’

One of the most powerful tools in business is the UPSELL.

Upselling is the simple act of asking for a little bit more once you’ve already got the sale.

Using the 3 phrases at the top of this blog, companies like McDonalds have made millions in extra revenue.

Upsells are everywhere.

You’re at the pub and they always ask if you want a double.

You buy a TV and they upsell you the ‘Extended mega super duper warranty’

It’s a tried and tested method.

So, how can you use upselling as a painter and decorator?

Well, you know how customers love to use the line…’uuuhhhh whilst you’re here…could you just…’

Instead of letting that piss you off, why don’t you make it part of your upsell strategy.

2 weeks before you are due to start the job, give the customer a call and say something along the lines of:

‘Hi, I just wanted to confirm the start date for the work of *Insert date*. And whilst I’ve got you on the phone, I usually find that in the time between the original quote and the start date, people usually spot a few other jobs / touch ups that need doing. Is there anything like this you’d like me to pop by and have a look at? I can then add it to the quote and get it done whilst I’m doing the main project’

If they say no, then that’s great. You’re not going to get that annoying ‘uuuhhh could you just…’ comment whilst you’re working.

If they say yes, then you can add an extra charge to your quote!

Imagine you do 50 jobs a year and just 10 of them ask you to do a little something extra. If you charge an average of £100 for those extra bits then you’re making an extra £1,000 per year.

Give it a try for your next 10 jobs and see how it goes. Let me know what sort of results you get…

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