Google My Business for Painters and Decorators

What is it? Why you need it. How to set it up.

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business (GMB) is a FREE tool that allows you to promote your Business Profile and business website on Google Search and Maps.

Why do you need it?

GMB is fantastic for small and local businesses like painters and decorators.

The main reason is the improved visibility.

Only 0.78% of Google searchers click on something from the second page.

So, if you’re not on the first page of results you are saying goodbye to 99/100 potential customers.

When you register your business with GMB, not only will you appear on the first page more often, but your business profile can also appear on the right-hand side.

This is a huge chunk of real estate on Google and being there can dramatically increase the amount of people who see your business.

See the below image as an example:

Also, registering your GMB will mean you appear on Google maps. This makes you easier to find in local searches.

As you can see in the below image, the first thing that pops up when someone searches for a painter and decorator where they live is a map showing all the GMB listings.  

Being on this map and at the top of the search hugely increases the chances of a customer calling you.

How to set up your Google My Business listing

(PS: It’s best to do the initial set up on a laptop / PC)

Step 1: Go to the website: https://www.google.com/business/

Step 2: Follow the steps and fill out all your details. The more info the better!

Step 3: You’ll receive a postcard from Google in the post with a verification code. Enter the verification code to prove you are actually trading from the address you stated, and you’re sorted.

Improving your listing:

Once you’ve set up the basics you don’t want to let your listing get stale.

Keep it up to date by adding photos of your work on a regular basis. You can do this directly from your phone.

Also, get into the routine of asking for reviews from customers.

When you log into your GMB you can get a link like the below to send straight to your customers

Here’s mine if you wanted to say something nice 😉



Google My Business listing is free, easy to set up and will hugely improve how easy it is to find your business online.

It also adds another level of credibility to your business.

So, it’s definitely worth doing.

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