How to guarantee repeat work from a customer

When it comes to getting repeat work from a customer, doing a great job will only get you so far.

To guarantee it, you need to make sure you stay top of mind.

This means maintaining communication long after you finish the job.

Here are some tried and tested techniques you can use to ensure your customers always come back for more.

1.Follow up calls – After you’ve finished a job, put a note in your diary to make a follow up call to that customer in 10-14 days.

Use the call to check that they are completely happy with the job. If they aren’t, then offer to pop back to rectify any problems.

If they are, then ask them if they can leave you a positive review.

2. Keep in touch – Don’t just leave it after one follow up call. Try to periodically keep in touch with customers. There are loads of great ways to do this, from connecting on social media to sending Christmas cards or emails.

3. Discuss future home improvement projects – As a decorator you’ll likely know good tradespeople in your area.

This is valuable knowledge to homeowners.

Consider telling the homeowner if they ever need advice or tips on who to hire for other home improvement projects that they can call you.

Even if they don’t take you up on the offer, it is a nice gesture.

And if they do call you for advice then you’ll be getting early information about their next home improvement project…putting you ahead of the competition.  

Plus, this is also a nice way to segue into a conversation about you doing regular work for them. The sort of work you can book in a long way in advance!

4. Give them unexpected value – Perhaps the best way to cement a relationship with a customer is to show you’re thinking about them.

This doesn’t have to cost any money, or even take much time.

Something simple such as sharing an article about interior design or colour trends with them is all it takes.

You could email it, send it on social media or even text them. Just deliver it to them with the message: ‘I saw this article, and thought you might find it interesting’

It’ll make them feel special and almost guarantee they’ll never look elsewhere for their decorating needs.  

PS: You could send the same article to every customer to make it easier. But the more personalised you can make it the better.

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