Changing your mindset from decorator to business owner

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The system let you down! If you want your business to make more money. You need to change your perspective.

Tired of earning less than every other trade?

If you’re tired of earning less than you deserve then let me explain how you can change this.

First, let me ask you something.

Why do you think McDonald’s sell more burgers than anyone else?

Is it because they make the best burgers?


Why do you think some decorators can charge more than others?

Because they are the best decorator in the country? Way better than you could ever dream of being?


The truth is, 90% of it comes down to marketing.

The reason McDonald’s make loads of money selling burgers is because they are great at telling everyone about their burgers and they make it very easy to buy from them.

They are great at business.

To improve your decorating business you need to think in the same way.

Let me try and explain it another way.

Rate your decorating skills out of 100.

What would you say? High 80’s? 90+ ??

If you’re a decorator running your own business, it’s safe to say you’re probably pretty damn good at painting and decorating.

Now rate your marketing and advertising skills out of 100.

A lot lower right? 10? 15?

After all, you’ve not done a 3 year course or apprenticeship on advertising have you?

With this in mind. What do you think the quickest and easiest way to improve your business is going to be?

Eeking out a little bit of improvement on your practical skills? So, you can go from a 92/100 to a 97/100.

Or getting 5x better at marketing and advertising. Going from a 15/100 to a 60/100.

Now this may seem like a radical approach. Your knee jerk reaction might even be to think it’s a stupid idea.

Unfortunately, this is because up until you became the owner of a business you were rewarded in one simple way.

Improve your practical skills. Improve your pay.

It was true when you were an apprentice and when you were growing your skills.

But when you become the boss things change. And nobody tells you.

When you own the business, you are no longer a decorator getting paid purely on your practical skills.

You are a business owner.

A business owner who earns money by selling painting and decorating services.

And how skilled you are at advertising and selling those decorating services determines how much you earn.

This may be hard to hear and you may push back on this, but it’s true.

Yes, doing a great job helps with getting referrals etc.

But no matter how much you want it to be true, being the best decorator in town doesn’t mean you’ll earn the most.

In exactly the same way that making the best burger in town won’t make you more money than McDonald’s.

And getting grumpy that some decorators on Facebook aren’t as good as you but somehow still earn decent money won’t help you either!

Be honest with yourself, would your typical customer know the difference between you doing a 99/100 quality job or an 85/100 job?

Probably not.

I understand there is an element of pride, but you need to ask yourself what your customers really want from you.

Look at your customer reviews.

How many say ‘’He spent 4 days filling and sanding down. I went around with a tube light and couldn’t find any blemishes. The wall was like a billiard table!’’

Not many…if any at all!

More likely your reviews talk about how professional you are as a business: ‘’Great service’’, ‘’Always on time’’, ‘’A pleasure to deal with’’, ‘’Very friendly and helpful throughout the whole process’’

When Ray Croc decided he wanted to make more money from McDonald’s he didn’t focus on making the burger better. He focused on making the business better.

If you want to earn more money and work for better clients you need to do the same.

There is a great saying I’m always reminded of when I talk about this sort of thing:

‘’The world is full of talented poor people’’

My advice…don’t get so swept up in your craft that you forget how to make any money at it….

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