Is ‘Nextdoor’ the goldmine you’ve never heard about?

If you haven’t already noticed, there is a new social media app on the scene.

(Yeah…another one)

It’s called ‘Nextdoor’ and this one is different.

It’s different because I believe it could be massive for painters & decorators.

The ‘About’ page on Nextdoor says:

Nextdoor connects neighbours to each other — and to everything nearby: Local businesses, services, news updates, recommendations and stuff for sale from the people down the block.

If you ask me, it’s sort of like a local Facebook group. Except you can’t choose the group you go into. It is automatically chosen for you based on your address. (oh and there isn’t an admin called Karen who is drunk on power and deletes anything you try and post)

Nextdoor is reasonably small here in the UK, but 1 in 4 households in the US are already using it. So, there is potential for it to get much bigger.

This is why I think it’s essential you jump on board NOW.

Sign up and create a profile for free. The app is straightforward to use. You can even sign up with your Facebook account.

Then start engaging with other people in your area.

You may well find you are the only painter and decorator using on the app where you live, so this could be a huge opportunity for you to get in first and corner the market.

I’m not suggesting you spend hours every night on the app. 10 minutes here and there will be more than enough.

My local group only has a few posts a day on it. Yours will probably be similar.

This means it’s much easier for you to stand out and start making a name for yourself.

Give it a go. It’ll only take you 5 minutes.

When you sign up the app will prompt you to introduce yourself to your neighbours.

Tell everyone you’re a painter and decorator and put a link to your website.

You could gain loads of local contacts.

If you want to try it, sign up for free here: https://nextdoor.co.uk/login/?ucl=1

(No, I don’t get paid for promoting this app. I don’t have any affiliation with them at all)

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