7 things you didn’t know your decorator could do…that will save you money

Kitchen cabinet repainting

Credit: Duane Barton. Example of a kitchen that has been professionally repainted rather than replaced

Buying a brand new kitchen and having it fitted is not only very expense, but it can also cause a lot of disruption to your home.

Asking your decorator to repaint it can be a much better option.

Repainting a kitchen is far less expensive than replacing one.

And often your decorator will take away all the cabinet doors and paint them off site.

All the units also stay in place, so you’ll still be able to use them for the majority of the work.

This saves you having to keep the entire contents of your kitchen in the living room for a week!

But what about the finish?

Well, this is why you need to hire a professional decorator with a good reputation.

A good decorator will understand the correct preparation processes required and will have excellent knowledge of the latest paints available.

They will be able to leave a finish that looks factory new.

And it will be hard wearing and cleanable. Perfect for everyday use.  

Exterior door painting

Credit: Wayne Evans. Example of a timber door repaired and repainted.
Credit Richard Irons. A uPVC door professionally painted to a factory new finish.

Whether you have a uPVC or timber door, replacing it can be expensive.

And if you have an older timber door, finding a new one that is in-keeping with the character of your property can be nearly impossible.

A skilled decorator can bring your old door back to life.

You might be tempted to take on the challenge yourself, but I would strongly advise against this.

The damage the weather can do if you don’t complete the job properly, can cost a fortune to put right.

Before painting a timber door, it is essential to remove any rotten timber, to seal any cracks and remove any flaking or damaged paintwork. Not to mention giving it a thorough clean.

This can sometimes take days to do properly.

After this, understanding the correct system of primers and paints to use is crucial to making your door last.

And in the case of painting a uPVC door, using the wrong products can mean the paint will start peeling off almost immediately.

A decorator will know what products are best for each individual situation.

Finally, the finish a professional decorator will leave is far greater than any DIY enthusiast could hope to achieve.

To leave it looking brand new (no unsightly brush marks) takes a lot of skill and some seriously expensive tools.

Interior mould / damp

Credit: Mark Wren. A brilliant example of a mouldy/damp window that has been repaired and made like new again

It might surprise you to know that decorators have excellent knowledge on how to deal with interior mould and damp, without costly repairs.

Dealing with this sort of problem is often a 2 stage process.

  1. Identifying the source of the problem and fixing it
  2. Preparing and re-painting the affected area

Often, your decorator will be able to find the cause of the problem and repair or seal the issue so that it stops happening.

In other cases, such as bathrooms with poor ventilation, it is more difficult to stop the problem from reoccurring, however, your decorator can still help.

When repainting over a mouldy surface, it is very important to use the correct processes and products.

If you get it wrong, your problem could reappear within days.

Do it right, and the issue may never come back.

Don’t be afraid to reach out to your local decorator and get their opinion on issues like these. They may well be able to save you huge amounts of money.

Exterior masonry coatings

Credit: George Campbell – Anchor Coatings. A fantastic example of how an exterior masonry coating job can protect your home, make it virtually maintenance free and increase ‘kerb appeal’

Using a masonry coating or paint on the exterior of your home can not only be cheaper than other options, but it also creates ‘kerb appeal’ and can actually increase the value of your property.  

When it comes to the exterior of your home, you have a few options:

  • Regular cleaning
  • Regular re-painting (DIY)
  • Re-rendering
  • Professional painting / coating service

Regularly cleaning or painting it yourself can seem like a good idea in the short term, but because it must be done every couple of years it tends to be more expensive in the long term.

Re-rendering the property with a new coloured render can be a good option, but it is often very expensive.

The best long term solution in my opinion is to have your property painted / coated by a professional.

One of the reasons DIY painting doesn’t last as long is because people don’t understand the importance of correct preparation.

Exterior painting is not a case of brushing the cobwebs away and slapping any old paint on the wall.

If you do this, you’ll likely run into issues such as:

  • Paint peeling off
  • Bubbles / blisters
  • Cracks
  • Colour fading
  • High dirt pick up
  • Damp / mould issues

To avoid this, a professional will not only use exclusive trade quality products, but they will prepare the surface thoroughly. Sometimes organising other trades to help too.

This can include, power washing or manual cleaning, repairing all cracks, hacking off blown render and reinstating it, removing all flaking / loose paint, applying a biocidal wash, priming and then finally…applying the paint/coating.

A professional can leave your property looking brand new again and it will remain virtually maintenance free for 10+ years.

And don’t forget the safety aspect of painting the exterior of your home. If you fall from a ladder this could cause a serious injury, potentially affecting your income long term.

Timber and uPVC window and conservatory painting

Credit: Paul Woodward. Brilliant example of re-spraying the uPVC on a home to a new colour. Leaving a factory new finish that is also durable.
Credit: Ben Dunne. uPVC conservatory and windows made to look more modern in anthracite grey. A fantastic professional finish.

They say prevention is cheaper than cure.

This is very true when it comes to the timber frames used for windows and conservatories.

It is a good idea to talk to your local painter and decorator about regular maintenance on them.

If you don’t keep on top of it, they can become rotten and cause serious damage.

Regular repair and re-painting can save you the huge expense of having to replace.

Timber frames are becoming more and more specialist nowadays and so it is becoming ever more important to properly maintain yours, so that you don’t have to lose the character of your home.

But what if you have uPVC windows and want that beautiful anthracite grey colour everyone seems to be getting?

Well, this is something else your decorator can save you money on.

You can avoid the costs of replacing all your windows by simply asking your decorator to paint them for you.

A good decorator will be able to spray your uPVC windows and conservatory to a factory new finish…at a fraction of the cost to replace!

Plus, they will have access to specialist trade paints that will mean your frames are durable against the weather…and the window cleaner!

Bespoke furniture painting / refurbishment

Credit: Justin Aldred. A wonderful example of how a decorator can give an old piece a modern look.
Credit Chris Gray. A great example of how a decorator can repair and re-paint your furniture to match a new colour scheme

Sometimes you’ll have a piece of furniture that either has great sentimental value or is bespoke for your home.

In cases like these, replacement is not really an option.

However, sometimes you’ll want to give your furniture a new lease of life.

A good decorator will be able to skilfully repair and restore your furniture before giving it a perfect paint job.

Doing this can help make that bespoke piece fit in with your new colour scheme or simply make that awful piece your Grandma gave you a little bit less of an eye sore!

Garage door painting

Credit: Lee Smeaton. Giving this garage door a factory new spray finish.

Just because your garage door is rusty, the colour has faded, or it generally just looks a little worse for wear, doesn’t mean you need to replace it.

A decorator can treat all these issues and make your garage door look brand new again.

Painting a garage door can be tricky. It might be metal, uPVC or even timber, this is why I’d recommend using a professional.

They will know how to:

  • Stop rust / mould stains coming back through
  • Protect it against the weather
  • Make sure it is durable enough to cope with everyday wear and tear.
  • Leave a perfect finish, so it looks brand new again


Don’t assume a decorator is a luxury purchase.

More often than not a decorator can actually save you money.

Not just because they can repair and re-paint more things that you first realised.

But also, because a decorator will leave a finish that makes whatever they touch look brand new again. This can increase the value and saleability of your home.

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