What makes you stand out?

Why should I buy from you, over anyone else?

On the surface, this seems like a reasonably simple question…but once you start to think about it, you’ll realise it’s not.

If you’re a decorator, you may immediately respond by telling me how good your work is, or that you’ve been doing it for 30 years, or maybe even that you are a little bit OCD and take incredible pride in your work.

Sure, this is all well and good, but your competitor said exactly the same thing!

This is why the simple question, ‘Why should I buy from you, over anyone else?’ is far from easy to answer.

To differentiate yourself from the competition, it is good to take the time to sit down and write your ‘Sales story’

What’s a ‘Sales story’?

Well, it’s something that from now on, you will use in every meeting you attend, you’ll put it on your website, you’ll include it on your leaflets and it’ll be part of most of your social media posts.

You’ll even use it when having a casual conversation at the pub!

It is a one page document which tells everyone exactly why they should choose your business over anyone else’s.

So how do you write a ‘Sales story’?

Well, it is made up of three key sections:

  1. Introduction to what you do
  2. Why customers typically choose you
  3. What differentiates you from the competition

Let’s run through it section by section.

1. Introduction to what you do.

This is a nice and simple one. All you need is a couple of sentences to summarise what you do, who you do it for and where you do it.

For example:

JM Decorators are a family owned painting and decorating company who specialise in domestic projects in the Midlands area. We offer both interior and exterior decorating services.

Done. Simple.

Now on to the juicy bits!

2. Why customers typically choose you

Now you need to think of 3-6 reasons why people typically choose to work with you. The clever marketing bit here is to use emotional language and to frame them so they almost sound like a testimonial from your existing customers. 

For example:

Your first though might be something like… ‘Homeowners choose us because we offer a high quality finish’

Ok…this is good. But it could be better. Try rephrasing it…

‘Are you fed up with the hassle of decorating your own home? Or frustrated with the poor quality of the previous work?’

Notice the emotional words ‘Fed up’ and ‘Frustrated’

Also, notice I didn’t actually say what I offer either. I’m just evoking an emotional response. I’m teeing it up for later…when I’ll swoop in and solve the problem!

Another couple of examples you could use for this section are:

‘Worried about hidden charges?’

‘Anxious about what would happen if there was a problem with the work?’

All of these statements are designed to catch the attention of a prospective customer and highlight a potential problem they might have.

3. Solving the problems and what makes you different

The final part to the sales story is highlighting how you can answer some of the questions you just posed, and explaining what makes you different.

For this section, the key is to be very harsh on yourself.

It is all too tempting to put things like, ‘we pride ourselves on our attention to detail and we have 30 years’ experience in the trade.’

While this might be true, it is also BORING!

It’s what every other decorator in the country is saying!

Don’t worry if this is something you have found yourself writing a thousand times. I’ve done exactly the same.

In fact, it probably wouldn’t take you too long to find an example of me writing almost exactly this type boring/cliche type of thing!

The point is, we are not going to do it now.

As an example, let’s answer the questions from section 2.

Q: ‘Are you fed up with the hassle of decorating your own home? Or frustrated with the quality of previous work?’

A: We are fully qualified and use the latest advances in technology to bring you a flawless finish. Using our dustless sanding equipment, we ensure perfectly smooth surfaces and a clean environment throughout the process.

Using a system including, spraying, brushing and rolling we also deliver a perfect finish in less time than was previously possible. Meaning you get your space back sooner, without compromising on quality.

Q:  Worried about hidden charges?

A: As part of our free quotation process we will give you a complete breakdown of our processes and all the costs involved. We aim to keep everything as clear and transparent as possible when it comes to pricing.

Q: Anxious about what would happen if there was a problem with the work?

A: As part of our commitment to quality, all of our employees are time served, fully qualified decorators. In addition to this, we also offer a 2 year guarantee on any work we carry out. We are also fully insured up to £5,000,000 in case of any issues.

So now you have your company ‘sales story’…what do you do with it?

Well, from now on, you will use parts of it for all your sales and marketing.

If you’re designing a new leaflet or brochure, you may include a couple of points from section 2 and 3.

If you’re simply chatting to someone at a networking event (or the pub) you may use the introduction from section 1 and a couple of points from section 2.

Your sales quotation pack will include bits of it.

Videos, adverts, and meetings will all use snippets of it.

Literally everything marketing related from now on can use these carefully crafted points.

What now?

I recommend taking 20 minutes to write down some ideas for your own sales story.

Make notes on your phone or write it down somewhere. Just start putting it together.

The document will evolve quickly over the first couple of weeks, but after that you will have something invaluable to use in all your sales and marketing endeavours.

To put things into context, this is one of the first things I would do for any new company I’m selling for. It is vitally important for maximising your sales.

To give you some more ideas of how it should look, below you will find the ‘sales story’ I devised for my role at Andura. I refer to it on a near daily basis.

You may well have seen some of this before in our videos, leaflets and social media!

Why choose Andura?

(Section 1 – Opening statement)

We are a paint manufacturing company who help commercial/trade decorating companies and independent paint merchants increase their profits with premium paints and free sales & marketing support

(Section 2 – Questions to get the attention of my target customers)

Are you looking to differentiate your company from the competition?

Are you fed up with competing on price? Not getting what you are worth? Or being undercut?

Do you want to increase your sales conversion rate and profit margins?

Are you looking for more support on areas of your business that you have less time for, such as sales and marketing?

Do you find yourself getting frustrated and wasting too much time using low quality products?

Are you looking for a reliable supplier who understands you and your business, and will help you become more profitable?

If so, these are some of the Andura solutions we offer to solve these challenges…

(Section 3 – What we offer to solve these problems that our competitors don’t)

Exclusive to the trade products

Free sales and marketing brochures, colour cards and leaflets

Bespoke sales demo equipment designed in conjunction with our customers

Social media support and advice

Lead generation support and advice

Unlimited technical support including help with specifications

Customised solutions and support for each customer. We take the time to understand your unique challenges and assist you accordingly. You are never a number waiting in a queue on an automated phone system!

Time tested products, manufactured from a single site in the UK, that come with a warranty of up to 15 years and can be delivered to you the next working day (T&C’s apply)

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