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‘7 marketing secrets GUARANTEED to grow your painting & decorating business’

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Did you know one of the most common reasons businesses fail is due to poor marketing?

It is rarely a bad product or service that causes them to fail.

It is a lack of understanding on how to use marketing to generate a consistent stream of customers.

The problem is that for decorators like you there is very little support out there to help with the business side of things!

This is why I’ve made it my mission to help

 And to do that, I’m giving you 60 pages of easy to use marketing strategies for FREE!

Everything you’ll learn has been tested on decorating businesses like yours and works!

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Here’s a taster of what you’ll find…

Secret #1 – How to establish your perfect customer

The first thing I’ll do is show you how to identify your dream customer. Once you have this nailed, you’ll be able to find work that pays more and is more fulfilling

Secret #2 – How to convert strangers into customers who are practically begging to hire you

I’ll show you a step by step plan on how to nurture strangers into customers, so you’ll have a constant stream of customers desperate to hire you

Secret #3 – How to build a marketing plan you can RELY on

I share the techniques and strategies used by large companies to make the most out of your marketing efforts

Say goodbye to those sleepless nights wondering where your next job is coming from

Secret 4# – Mastering social media

Here I’ll breakdown the techniques you need to take social media by the throat and use it to get great quality customers

Secret #5 – How to attract better customers

I explain a technique to attract customers that will not only make you more money, but you’ll feel more fulfilled in your work too

Secret #6 – How you can 10x your sales by changing just one thing

I explain how one simple tweak could be the difference between getting 1 enquiry a week or 10 enquiries a week!

Secret #7 – How to turn your business into a money printing machine

I’ll show you the systems used by big companies that will allow you to earn more by doing less

This book contains the 7 most effective tactics I’ve learned in marketing over the past 10+ years.

I’ve worked for small start up companies and £1bn per year goliaths

Now I’m sharing them with you for free.

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