Facebook ads for Decorators

If you want a reliable stream of new enquiries for your decorating business, Facebook ads is a great way to go.

They are quick and easy to set up, they are highly targeted and they are extremely good value for money.

Whether you’ve tried Facebook ads before and not got the results you wanted, or you’re a complete beginner, this article can help.

First, I’ll show you the basic instructions of how to physically set the ad up via Facebook (with nothing but a smartphone).

I will then show you a tactic to get much better results than you may previously have had.

What you need before we can start:

  1. A smartphone
  2. A Facebook account and Facebook business page. If you don’t already have one, you can set it up for free here: https://www.facebook.com/business/pages/set-up
  3. An image you would like to use in your ad. (An example of your work is usually good)
  4. The Facebook ads manager app. You can download this for free on Google Play (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.facebook.adsmanager&hl=en_GB&gl=US)  or Apple App store (https://apps.apple.com/us/app/facebook-ads-manager/id964397083).

Step 1:

Open the Facebook ads manager app and hit the ‘+’ button to start your campaign. Then choose the type of campaign you’d like. I would suggest you choose ‘Website traffic’ which will send people to a page on your website, or ‘Get messages’ so that people can start talking to you via Facebook messenger.

Step 2:

Next up, you’ll need to add your media. If you’re just using an image you can press the ‘Add media’ button.

For additional options, press ‘Format’ at the bottom, this will bring up your other options, including a carousel (multiple images you swipe through), a video or simply use an existing post.

If you are advertising multiple services, then a carousel will work well.

Otherwise I’d recommend a single image or video.

I wouldn’t recommend using an existing post as I believe good ads are built from the ground up.

NB: Sizing your image or video is very important. Here are the recommended sizes from Facebook:

Single image: 1200 x 628

Carousel image: 1080 x 1080

Video: 1080 x 1080

Step 3:

Now choose your media. Here you can see I am selecting an image from my ‘camera roll’.

At this point you can make sure your image is the correct size by making sure it fits within the grid lines.

Step 4:

Start your ‘Ad creative’. Here you need to write a short and catchy headline and an interesting caption (Primary text)

I’m doing an ad for ‘Website traffic’ so there is a field to enter the web page. I recommend you either send people to the home page of your website or the enquiry page of your website.

If you are reasonably tech savvy, you’ll get even better results if you create a specific page on your website to send people. This page should include some reasons a customer should choose you, some reviews, some images of your work and an enquiry form / contact information.

You’ll also need to choose a ‘Button’. It’s good to try a few different ones from time to time, but I find best results using ‘Learn more’

Step 5:

The next step is choosing your audience. You have a number of options, including people who have liked your page and even their friends.

However, I find best results when creating a ‘New audience’

When creating a new audience, you have 3 main considerations.

Location, age and gender.

The biggest mistake people tend to make here is casting the net too wide. You don’t want to show your ad to as many people as possible. You only want to show it to the perfect type of customer.

When creating ads for decorators I’ve found the most success by setting the location to a 5 mile radius around where the decorator is based. Advertising to just women. And setting an age range of no more than 15 years (Example: 45 – 60 years old)

On top of this, you can press the button ‘Include people who match’. In here you can refine your audience by hobbies and interests. This is determined by the data Facebook has on what posts people tend to engage with.

You could choose interests like ‘gardening’ or ‘interior design’.

Personally, I don’t see a huge benefit in adding these interests in, but if you’re going to do it, I’d recommend doing no more than 3-5.

Step 6:

The final step is to set your budget.

Results can come from less than you think. £2 – £5 per day is more than enough for a sole trader.

You can run the ad continuously and just turn it on and off from the app whenever you want.

However, if you’re likely to forget about it and don’t want to get a shock bill then I’d suggest you set a time frame for it.

If you toggle off the ‘Run ad continuously’ button you can set a start and end date. This will mean you know exactly how much money you are going to spend.

And that’s it! Click the ‘tick’ button and your ad will be published.

It will go to ‘review’ for a while. This is because Facebook check all ads to make sure they are within their advertising guidelines.

This usually only takes an hour or so, but it can take up to a couple of days.

A common question I get once an ad is published, is can you see it on your personal Facebook feed?

The answer is no.

It doesn’t pop up as something you’ve posted. But don’t worry, it is out there and getting in front of people.

You can check how many people have seen and clicked on your ad by going back into the Facebook ad manager app. You can also toggle the ad on and off from inside the app too.


The secret formula to 10X your results

Creating an ad on Facebook is one thing…

However, making your ad successful is a whole other skill.

The objective of the ad is simple:

Grab the attention of your target customers and get them to make a specific action. (Click the link to your website / fill out a form / send you a message)

To achieve this, you need 2 things:

  1. An eye-catching image/video
  2. Great copy (Your headline and caption)

If these 2 things are no good, then it doesn’t matter how much money you throw at it, you won’t get the results you want.

Creating images and copy that gets results is a skill that must be practiced and improved over time.

That’s why highly successful advertisers are paid vast amounts of money.

However, you can tilt the odds in your favour.

To do this, I recommend you use the following system, which has worked for me time and time again.

Instead of creating 1 ad, you create 6.

All 6 ads have the same headline and the same caption, but you use 6 different images/videos.

You then run this ad for 1 week and check the results.

After 1 week you will likely see that a one of the images is getting much better results than the others (More clicks / More leads / more messages).

Now you should create 6 ads all using that high performing image. But this time, you will use a different headline on each of the 6 ads. (The caption remains the same)

Again, run the ads for 1 week.

Once you’ve done this, you will notice one of your ads is again performing better than all the others.

You now have your one perfect ad.

You have an ad that has the best performing image and the best performing headline.

Delete all the other ads and just use this one going forward.

In terms of how much you should spend, I suggest £2 – £10 per day during the testing phase and then as much as you want once you’ve established your best performing ad.

Now, this is everything you need to create successful Facebook ads for your business.

One more thing…

Some people find creating images and good copy difficult. And some just can’t be arsed.

Often due to a combination of both these things, people sometimes ask me to create imagery and copy for them.

If you are interested in this, then I offer the following deal:

6 bespoke images, 6 headlines and a caption for £199.

Whilst I obviously can’t guarantee results, I have done this for several decorators, so I do have a good idea of what works and what doesn’t!

If you want to take me up on this offer email me on jon@jmears.co.uk with some images you want included with the ads, or links to your website / social media so I can find some suitable ones. Cheers!

PS: I will only create ads for decorators. So, if you’re not a decorator, please don’t message me 😊  

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