Advertising via nosy neighbours

We all know a nosy neighbour. They are usually called Karen…and they are typically admin on nearly every Facebook group in your town. Well, seeing as decorators can’t get out and work on customer’s homes now. Why not turn your home into a show home! Repaint your facias, cladding and window frames, spray the garageContinue reading “Advertising via nosy neighbours”

12 things you never thought to paint during lock down

1. Inside the bookcase 2. Bedside table 3. Inside the coat closet 4. Toy chest 5. Edge of a door 6. Stair risers 7. The inside of the front door 8. Dining chairs 9. Inside kitchen cupboards 10. Chest of drawers 11. Interior window frames 12. Inside drawers Join my mailing list for FREE toContinue reading “12 things you never thought to paint during lock down”

When you can’t change the direction of the wind – adjust your sail

I saw this quote yesterday and thought that there has rarely been a time where so many people could benefit from these words. COVID-19 has nearly everybody out of work and it would be quite reasonable for the majority of people to feel completely helpless. Well, I’m writing this as much for me as anyoneContinue reading “When you can’t change the direction of the wind – adjust your sail”

Doctor Doctor, I need a decorator

Think about the last time you spoke to a doctor. Most likely it went something like this. Something about you wasn’t right. You wanted to change something. E.G stop feeling ill. You went to see the doctor They diagnosed the problem through strategic questioning   They gave you free advice on how to solve theContinue reading “Doctor Doctor, I need a decorator”

Marketing tips for trades people

Know your ideal customer. Sounds simple, but in order to put together an effective marketing strategy you need to know who you are trying to get the attention of. For example, you are unlikely to get the attention of a big commercial company by putting a flyer up in the local cafe.  Think about whoContinue reading “Marketing tips for trades people”

It’s only paint…right

The hidden benefits of choosing the right paint Like a lot of things, paint is often treated as a commodity. ‘Paint’s paint’. However, if your business uses paint in a commercial capacity, whether you’re a sole trader decorator, or if you run a huge maintenance company that looks after 1,000’s of properties, paint is not just paint.Continue reading “It’s only paint…right”