Pricing – How to charge what you are worth

Pricing is a sensitive subject at the best of times. We’ve all seen the discussions online… ‘You can’t charge that much where I live’ ‘You can only work on day rate here, not price work’ ‘You need to lower your prices to get work at the moment because of COVID-19’ Well, in the words ofContinue reading “Pricing – How to charge what you are worth”

Instagram for decorators

One of the biggest and fastest growing social media platforms at the moment is Instagram. Now owned by Facebook, expect this platform to keep growing and adding all the highly targeted advertising capabilities that its parent company is renowned for. One of the reasons I believe Instagram is so successful is that it has developedContinue reading “Instagram for decorators”

How to stop procrastinating and get what you really want

Congratulations! You’ve made it to the article! Proof that you don’t actually procrastinate forever! Ok, let’s rattle off some quick facts on why you should train yourself to stop procrastinating…(before you decide you can’t be bothered to ready anymore!) Completing tasks releases endorphins, which can become addictive. So, if you push yourself enough, you canContinue reading “How to stop procrastinating and get what you really want”

How to get what you want. The power of ‘because’

Ever wondered the most effective way to ask someone for a favour? Well, thanks to the research of Professor Ellen Langer of Harvard University. I can tell you just how to do it! The copy machine study: Professor Langer devised an experiment which determines how people react when asked for small or large favours, whenContinue reading “How to get what you want. The power of ‘because’”

Simon Johnson – Property Ready

An interview with a decorator – Simon Johnson, Property Ready How and when did you start decorating? When leaving school in 1985 my father told me to “get a trade son” I completed my City & Guilds in 1987 What’s your favourite part of the job? Finishing a job, standing back and saying to myselfContinue reading “Simon Johnson – Property Ready”

One thing at a time – Why toddlers are more persistent than you

If you’re reading this blog there is a good chance you are currently focused on trying to improve yourself in some way. This is great. I believe that continuous learning and personal growth is key to happiness. The point of this blog however is to remind you to focus on one thing at a time.Continue reading “One thing at a time – Why toddlers are more persistent than you”