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Cheap decorators don’t affect you
What is PR? And how to you use it to help your decorating business?
3 new Instagram features you NEED to be using in 2022
Is the decorating industry doomed?
What to do when the work stops coming in
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Facebook ads for Decorators – A step-by-step process
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Peace of mind as a sole trader decorator
How to supercharge your referrals as a decorator
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Deposits – It’s your fault if people won’t pay them
How to get better referrals…say goodbye to dickhead customers
How to improve your sales funnel…yes, you’ve already got one!
Social media is good…but this is 20x better
Google My Business for Painters and Decorators
How to run a successful competition on social media
Explained: The Instagram algorithm 2021 (and how to use it to your benefit)
Get more work from social media – 95% won’t use this simple tactic
Charging for quotes – An interview with a decorator who does it
5 quick tips to improve your website TODAY! + £50 DISCOUNT CODE
‘3 marketing lessons I wish I’d known sooner
‘Advertising for Decorators’ – Chapter 1: Leave your ego at the door
Changing your mindset from decorator to business owner
9 reasons to advertise…for decorators who don’t NEED to advertise
How to create Google ads that get RESULTS! – Step by step process
Google Vs Facebook – Which ads are best for decorators
7 signs the exterior of your home needs repainting
7 DEADLY marketing mistakes Decorators make
How to choose the right colour for your home office – Increase productivity FAST!
Should you be charging for quotes?
How much should you pay for a painter & decorator?
5 signs you NEED to improve your marketing
Psst! Decorators…’word of mouth’ is not a good business plan
Marketing on a budget: Decorator edition
Is leafleting dead?
5 FREE ways to grow your social media – FAST
7 tips you NEED to know before running a Facebook ad
How to convert a stranger to a customer in 4 steps – AIDA
Mates rates – Is it worth it?
How to get more customers in 4 minutes and 36 seconds without spending a penny
Virtual consultations – Pointless? Or a stroke of genius?
Should you compromise on price?
What makes you stand out? Writing your sales story
How to follow up as a decorator…without pestering
How to conduct face to face sales meetings with larger clients
Setting goals
How to contact and start relationships with larger clients
Explaining the value of your service – How to sell just about anything
Focus on the performance, not the result
Twitter for decorators
Facebook for decorators
How to get what you want. The power of ‘because’
LinkedIn for decorators
Why going to the gym made me better at sales
Why working on day rate might be costing you more than you think…
Where to find decorating work when phasing out of lock down
Not all decorating is a ‘luxury’
Train yourself to see more opportunities
12 things you never thought to paint during lock down
10 tips to grow your business during COVID-19
Mindset for success
Marketing tips for trades people
Tax deductible golf tees
It’s only paint…right

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