How often should your business post on social media?

Type this question into Google and you get over 3 BILLION results!

The answers tend to range from 1-2 times a week up to 5-10 times a day.

I don’t think putting a number on it is helpful.

You shouldn’t force yourself to post a certain number of times every day or week.

If you’ve got nothing worth posting, then don’t post anything.

You can tell when a company is forcing content out, and it’s not a good look. (Trust me, I’ve been there!)

They’ll post shit like:

‘It’s national squirrel appreciation day! Here’s Dave from the office looking out the window trying to see one. Have you ever seen a squirrel?’

So, what is worth posting?

Think about it from the perspective of your audience? What do they want to see on their social media feed?

Typically, they want to see things that are informative, entertaining or help them connect to people. It’s called ‘social’ media after all.

Whenever you have something that fits any of these categories, post it.

If that’s once a week. Great.

If that’s 5 times a day. Great.

PS: Ridiculous as it sounds, national squirrel appreciation day is a real thing. It’s celebrated in the USA on January 21st.

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