How to deal with price shock

Ok, so this is a made-up text conversation, but I see this quite a lot on the forums.

The problem is not the price.

But the customer has every right to be shocked by it.

Regardless of how good your decorating work is, if you want to avoid getting messages like this you need to start delivering proper quotes.

Asking for £180 a day via text, with no real context, is ridiculous.

You might get away with it when you’re working for decent referrals.

You were also probably fine when your rates were much lower.

However, if you want to start charging more to new customers, your marketing needs to match the quality of your work.

Put together a proper quote and email it over!

Include details about the work you’ll carry out.

Have a section that shows your previous work and testimonials.

You could even include FAQs and an ‘about us’ section.

Most of this stuff can be created once and used on every quote, so it’s not much work.

Put your company branding on all the documents and before you know it, you have a proper quote that better represents your company.  

This should mean fewer customers getting price shock.

Good luck!

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