Why your enquiries are slowing down

You’re really busy. Flat out working. Phone won’t stop ringing. Enquiries coming in from all over.

Then for no apparent reason, the phone stops ringing quite as often. No bother, you’re booked up a few months in advance.

Before you know it, you’ve only got a few weeks of work lined up.

You start to panic.

You go flat out on your marketing. Social media posts, asking for referrals, leaflets, new business cards, update your website and so on.

Hey presto! You’re busy again!

Really busy. Flat out working. Phone won’t stop ringing. Enquiries coming in from all over…

Welcome to the marketing rollercoaster.

You can blame the economy, the time of year, the weather…blame whatever you want.

The truth is, nearly all businesses do the same thing.

They get too busy working and stop marketing.

Then they get quiet and start marketing again.

Then they get busy and stop marketing…and so on…

Up and down like a rollercoaster.

Most decorators have been flat out for the last 6-12 months. And I’d bet most of them have been slacking on their marketing during this time.

You know what this means? Quieter times are coming.

There is always an excuse for business being slow. But the truth of it is, with consistent marketing, you can avoid it.

Regardless of the cost of petrol or electricity, there will always be enough decorating work around.

So, this is your reminder. Keep marketing! A little bit on a consistent basis is the secret.

Get off the marketing roller coaster!

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