What is PR? And how do you use it to help your decorating business?

One day, Tom cut himself at work.

To help, Jenny popped out to buy some plasters for him.

Jenny didn’t know it at the time, but the senior management team heard about this small act of kindness.

3 years later that same senior management team was giving her a promotion…and one of the deciding factors was her kind nature.

Of course, one good deed was not the only thing that helped her.

But, simple things like this shape how people perceive you.

So, how does PR fit into this?

Well, for those who don’t know, PR stands for ‘Public Relations’.

PR is the message you and your business put out into the world.

And it controls how your public perceive you.

For example:

If a newspaper article was published on how you did some free decorating for a charity project, that would be good PR.

If a video popped up on YouTube of a you taking a dump in the customer’s kettle, that would be bad PR.

Of course, these are the extreme ends of the scale.

You’re not going to do charity work every weekend…and you’re unlikely to…

Anyway, think of PR as a scale that you’re constantly moving on.

Help an old lady cross the street…add 1 point

Cut someone up in your sign written van. Lose 2 points.

Donate to a local children’s football team, add 5 points.

Building up good PR takes time and consistency.

You won’t realise it straight away…and sometimes it might not come back for years.

In fact, most of what you do may seem invisible.

But it’s this ‘invisible PR’ that can help you build a stronger company and brand.

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