Why does most of your social media fail?

When it comes to using social media as a business, most people don’t get the results they want.

The most common reason I see for this is to do with mindset.

When it comes to posting on social media as a business, people tend to adopt the mindset of:

‘What can my business get out of this?’

Weirdly, most people with unsuccessful business social media accounts, have very popular personal accounts.

This is because when they post on their personal account, they have the mindset of:

‘What are my friends getting out of this?’

On their personal account all their posts are designed to make their friends laugh or help them.

Whereas on their business account they are constantly trying to get something out of their audience. ‘Call now for a quote’ or ‘Taking bookings for exterior decorating now’

Ironically, all the people on their personal social media feed wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them. However, most of the people seeing their business social media would struggle to remember the company name.

As you can see, the solution is clear.

You must change your focus from yourself, to your potential customers.

Your social media should be serving them, not you.

Be entertaining and informative. Show your human side. In the same way you do on your personal social media.

Stop just broadcasting messages about your business and start having conversations with your audience instead. Find ways to give them value. Be social!

Making this change isn’t as easy as it might seem but stick with it and play the long game. It will pay off.

For a great example of a business with great social media. Check out Innocent smoothies.

All their content is fun and feels like it could have been written by your best friend.

But they still manage to keep everything on the theme of their business.

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