How to grow your business on social media, in 15 minutes a day, without creating a single post!

When it comes to social media, have you ever caught yourself saying something like the following:

‘I just don’t have the ideas’

‘I don’t have the time’

‘I’m not comfortable on camera’

‘I’m not very creative’

It’s true, finding the creativity for great content is tricky.

I believe you can learn it…but that’s not what this blog is about.

The headline promised, growth for your business on social media, in 15 minutes a day, without creating a single post.

The way you can do this can be summed up in one word:


A huge part of growing your business on social media is simply showing up on a consistent basis.

And the easiest way to do this is to engage with other people’s posts.

Set aside 15 minutes a day and challenge yourself to put a positive and thoughtful comment on as many posts as possible.

Do it on any social media platform you like.

Try to do it for people that fit your ideal customer profile. (I.E. don’t comment on celebrity posts…OR other decorators work during this 15 minutes)

You might find you are best doing this in local Facebook groups or simply on your normal feed.

Mix it up a little bit and see what works best for you.

Realistically, you could easily average an engagement every 30 seconds. And remember, people often don’t get many comments on their posts, so they’ll be sure to remember your kind and thoughtful words.

If you average 30 comments a day, that’s 210 a week.

It’s 10,920 per year.

Just take a second to think about how well known, you and your business would be if you engaged on over 10,000 posts in your local area.

And remember, it’s not just the person who created your post that sees the comment.

Hundreds, if not thousands of other people will see your comments.

And every time someone sees your name pop up with a thoughtful, positive, and helpful comment it will do two key things:

  1. Keep you top of mind as the local decorator.
  2. Build your reputation as being kind, helpful and positive. Excellent traits for any business!

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