Know, like and trust.

Harnessing the law of familiarity to grow your business.

A common phrase in sales and marketing is that customers buy from people they:

Know, like and trust.

One of the reasons celebrities are used in adverts for products completely unrelated to what they do is because you are likely to know who they are, like them and possibly even trust them.

Whereas if they just used Karen from their HR department as the face of the product launch. You wouldn’t know her, and you wouldn’t have established if you like her or trust her. Therefore, you’d be less likely to buy anything.  

It is also the reason why lots of you get repeat business. Think about it…the customer could easily find another tradesman if they wanted to. But they don’t. They come straight to you again. Because they already know, like and trust you.   

So how do we develop the feelings associated with ‘know, like and trust’ with our potential clients?

One of the most effective ways is to use what sales author Jeb Blount calls:

‘The law of familiarity’

The law of familiarity essentially means that the more familiar you are to someone, the more likely they are to get in touch with you or answer your calls/emails and ultimately do business with you.

One of the best ways to build this ‘familiarity’ is via social media.

Think about it…have you ever followed someone on social media, be it a celebrity or someone else in your industry and over time (without even meeting them in person) you’ve started to feel like you know them? Like them? Even trust them?

This is the law of familiarity in full swing.

So how can you start using the law of familiarity to grow your business? (Without paying a celebrity to endorse you!)

Get out there and start sharing who and what you are. Use social media for what it was designed to be. Social!

Post regularly and engage in conversations.

Get on local Facebook groups and offer advice to people about your field of expertise. Trust me, if you’re a decorator, there are a lot of DIYers that need your help right now, and if you can’t help them fix it virtually, then you can guarantee that you’ll be the one they call to come and do it for them!

NB: It is estimated there are over 30 million unfinished decorating jobs across the country. Start talking to people and you may find you’ll be asked to finish a fair few of those projects!

The fact is, the more often you pop up in people’s inbox and on their feeds the more familiar you will be to them. Pair that with taking time to help people out as much as you can and you will soon become someone that people….know, like and trust.

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