Where to find decorating work when phasing out of lock down

I don’t know when we are going to come out of lock down, but I’m pretty sure that we won’t all just get a message one day that all the pubs are open again and we can go back to normal.

I think it will come in phases.

These phases will restrict the size of gatherings allowed and what sort of work can be undertaken.

With this in mind,

                                       Decorators must be savvy about what sort of work they are lining up.

For example, the elderly will very likely being the last people to come out of lock down as they are the most vulnerable. So, there is no sense focusing your marketing efforts on them for the time being. And if this demographic is your primary source of business. You need to start looking at alternative solutions now!

Who should you be focusing on? Here’s a few ideas:

  • Letting agents
  • Private landlords
  • Private or independent schools
  • Nurseries / Day care centres
  • Offices
  • Shops

All of these people will need decorators and all of them are jobs you can do without being in physical contact with any other people. They are all, empty houses, empty classrooms, empty shops etc.

How do you go about getting some of this work?

Start phoning and emailing as many of them as you can now. Use social media to track them down! The work you do today will pay off in a few months.

Introduce yourself to as many people as possible and see if they have any work you could quote for in the coming weeks and months.

Bonus tip:

Try and get in touch with local property investment groups near you. There will be hundreds of people in your area who own lots of properties and they will need a decorator! Here is a link to a great one:

Property Investors Network

Let me know if you have any other ideas by leaving them in the comments.

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