Not all decorating is a ‘luxury’

I’ve had a number of conversations recently with decorators who are concerned about what the market will be like once we come out of lock down.
It’s a reasonable concern.
A lot of people will see decorating and home improvement in general as a luxury they ‘want’ rather than ‘need’ when we come out of this. Therefore, if people are tightening their belts decorators may see a drop off on enquiries.

There is good news though.

There are 25 million homes in the UK.
People will always be house proud.
Someone will always be looking to spend money on home improvement.

The only difference when finances are tight, is that people will be looking for better VALUE alternatives.
As decorators, you need to remember you offer a lot of services which are better value alternatives.
By showing your customers that you can repair, refurbish and redecorate items to ‘as new’ condition, you can position yourself as a solution that saves money. Rather than being a ‘luxury’ people can do without.
Here is a list of home improvement trends that decorators could offer:

  1. Kitchen cabinet decorating
  2. Exterior door refurbishment. Front, rear and side doors on some properties.
  3. Garage door redecoration
  4. PVC window spraying
  5. Timber frame window repair and decoration
  6. Garden furniture, repair and redecorate
  7. Interior furniture such as bookcases, chairs and chests
  8. Facias and cladding, clean and re paint
  9. Pressure washing and sealing block paving drives and paths
  10. Masonry painting rather than full re renders
  11. Fence painting. Everyone seems to want a grey fence now!

I’m sure there are plenty more things that you as a decorator has done in the past to save the customer from having to replace with new.
The key now is to get examples of all these things on your social media and website now. Show your potential customers of the future that you offer these brilliant services that can save them money!

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