Train yourself to see more opportunities

Ever bought a new car and found you suddenly start seeing loads of the same model on the road?

As in, you barely remember seeing any, and yet now they seem to be literally everywhere!?

It’s called the Frequency Illusion (or the Baader-Meinhoff phenomenon) and is caused by two cognitive processes: selective attention and confirmation bias.

This is a function of the brain you can consciously train and use to your advantage.

The reason I see an opportunity for business in nearly every situation I encounter is because I’ve spent the last decade in sales, and my brain is wired to notice them.

However, as you know from the car analogy, it doesn’t take a decade to train this skill to something useful. It can be done very quickly.

For example, before I started writing this blog, I’d never had an idea for something to write about in my life! Now I have 3 or 4 blog ideas every day. All because my brain is now switched on to trying to find topics for me!

As soon as you started decorating you probably started noticing how poor the cutting in is at most of your friend’s houses!

We can all think of an example of this phenomenon.

Set yourself the challenge of looking for any opportunity to grow your business over the next 48 hours. I guarantee if you focus on it for 48 hours it’ll quickly become a habit which will serve you for years to come.

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