Advertising via nosy neighbours

We all know a nosy neighbour. They are usually called Karen…and they are typically admin on nearly every Facebook group in your town.

Well, seeing as decorators can’t get out and work on customer’s homes now. Why not turn your home into a show home!

Repaint your facias, cladding and window frames, spray the garage door, repaint the fence, redo the front door and porch. You could even redo the whole façade with masonry paint or take an interior door off the hinges and spray it on your driveway to show off your skills!

Just get out the front of your house with your sign written van on full display and show people the transformations you can produce.

Document your progress each day on social media in local Facebook groups. Explain to people why you are using the processes you are. Use this as an opportunity to educate potential future customers.

If your street is anything like mine, nearly everyone has decided they are walking enthusiasts now. They’ll enjoy walking past each day to see how you’re getting on. You might even be able to strike up a conversation with some people (from 2 meters away of course).

…and you never know…if you’re lucky, Karen from Facebook might live opposite and might be posting daily photos with your progress on every one of the 38 groups she’s admin of!

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