12 things you never thought to paint during lock down

1. Inside the bookcase

Perfect if you only have a little bit of bright paint leftover

2. Bedside table

Go for one colour all over, use multiple colours or even leave the top as the original timber. Loads of options here. Changing the handles is also a very easy way to refresh the look.

3. Inside the coat closet

Not much paint required for this one and easy to make a boring room stand out.

4. Toy chest

Another one with lots of options to customise. Do just the inside. Or just the outside. Leave the top as timber or paint all of it!

5. Edge of a door

Painting the door edge is something very few people think of. It’s very quick and can make a big difference. Just make sure the door isn’t rubbing on the frame or it could damage the paint.

6. Stair risers

I’d stick to just the risers here. Leave the treads, banisters and spindles to a professional decorator. However, the risers alone can make a big impact. Go for 1 colour, 2 colours or even a rainbow effect.

7. The inside of the front door

The inside of the front door is often forgotten. You should only need a litre of paint for this and it can make a big difference to your hallway.

8. Dining chairs

Get creative with dining chairs. Use masking take to create sections. Use multiple colours. Loads of options here!

9. Inside kitchen cupboards

I’d leave the cupboard doors to the professional decorators so you can ensure they have a perfect finish and the right products are used for the day to day use of a kitchen. But the insides are a great place to start yourself. If it’s not perfect then most of it is hidden by plates anyway!

10. Chest of drawers

Paint the just the drawer fronts or paint everything but the drawer fronts. Another one with lots of options. And like the bedside table you could also experiment with different handles.

11. Interior window frames

Exterior windows should be left to the professionals as most of them mean working at height. But you can do the inside! Try the window sills too. There is no reason they all need to be plain white!

12. Inside drawers

Paint just the inside of the drawer to make it unique. Or use leftover wallpaper for lining paper

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