Doctor Doctor, I need a decorator

Why being like a doctor will help your business

Think about the last time you spoke to a doctor. Most likely it went something like this.

  • Something about you wasn’t right. You wanted to change something. E.G stop feeling ill.
  • You went to see the doctor
  • They diagnosed the problem through strategic questioning  
  • They gave you free advice on how to solve the problem
  • If required, they then suggested a product or service for you to use to help solve the problem. Usually pills or some sort of therapy.
  • You then bought some pills or signed up for the relevant therapy

This is almost the perfect sales process for any business.

How can this apply to your business and your sales process?

It’s all about being the specialist and giving free value.

Doctors are known for being able to solve problems around illness. As the old joke goes, whenever someone tells you they are a doctor you’ll respond by saying, ‘oh actually I’ve got this pain in my side etc…’

How good would it be if anytime you introduced yourself as a decorator, or plumber or whatever your trade might be, people turned around and felt like they could ask you for advice on your trade?

Then, once you build up a reputation for being a problem solver in your community you’ll become like a doctor.

If you’re ill, people say call the doctor.

If you need to paint your front room, people will say call Dave’s Decorators. He’ll help you out.

Next time you visit a potential customer, try approaching the conversation like a Doctor.

  • Use strategic questioning to diagnose the problems
  • Use your knowledge and experience to offer free advice about the problems
  • If required, suggest products and services that could solve the problems. Even if it’s not your product or solution.

Don’t be afraid to walk away if your product or service isn’t the best solution. Forcing it on the customer will just mean you end up providing a solution that doesn’t offer them the best value and this will cause long term problems.

Plus, if you get a reputation for offering free advice and the best solution, regardless of whether it’s your product or not. You can guarantee you’ll start getting more enquiries. As customers will start explaining to all their friends that you do not pressure people into anything. All you do is try to help.  

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